Julian Dawson über Abi Wallenstein

“In the crazy music business of today it often seems that there is more business than music...but actually there are two worlds at work. In one world there are the boy bands, Britney Spears, videos, studio trickery to make non-singers sound like professionals and fashion models pretending to be musicians.

In the other world there are the true professionals, in love with their job, staying on their chosen path with or without record contracts – without becoming millionaires who play their music night after night in smoky bars and clubs all over the world.

Abi Wallenstein is one of those “pros”. With his soulful, gritty vocal style and fine, fine guitar playing he has been entertaining and energising audiences all over Europe for most of his adult life. I have only had the pleasure of sitting in with him on a few occasions but it was always a joy.

In a time when most music comes out of a digital box, we need that direct contact with the spirit more than ever – long live the blues and Abi too!!”

Im Januar 2003